Creative Trainings by Yonathan Dominitz

Without Insights your creativity and advertising are blind

Acquiring new thinking tools for revealing powerful insights,

articulating new brand perspectives and creating effective briefs.

A One-day masterclass


The majority of the most creative and effective award winning campaigns are based on game-changing insights. Yet, uncovering a truly powerful insight is one of the hardest tasks in marketing and advertising.

This masterclass suggests a unique way of defining an insight (hint: it is not a single revelation). It then presents a set of unique practical thinking tools, which enable us to look at reality via different prisms to reveal powerful insights.

Mindscapes Insight tools were created by a deconstruction analysis of the most creative & effective award winning campaigns, while revealing the specific Insight mechanisms they use.

Mindscapes methodology and tools have a proven record of assisting agencies & clients in their search for meaningful insights and new brand perspectives, as the basis of effective creative ideas. All the while generating more understanding between client & agency for a better collaboration during the insight development process.


• Gaining insights about the essentials of a powerful insight.

• Learning how to approach an insight as a chain of revelations, not a single


• Understanding the difference between data or information and an insight,

and the difference between a promise and an insight.

• Learning new methods and structured tools for revealing insights.

• Learning how to use insights for articulating new surprising brand perspectives.


· How to define an insight and understand what really makes it tick.

· How to find inspiring observations, which are ‘hidden’ in our minds because we are ‘fixated’ at analyzing a situation from a specific comfortable perspective.

· How to map and identify conflicts, which in many cases encapsulate a personal or social dilemma which leads to a meaningful insight.

· How to recognize new & meaningful brand/product related perspectives with high significance to consumers and their lives, to reveal territories where brands can make an important impact.

· How to identify and understand associative benefits, which can be translated into insightful brand promises.

The approach:

This program examines effective & innovative award winning campaigns while analyzing the insights behind these campaigns. Based on the analysis it presents a set of structured tools for revealing insights that can lead to effective brand communications. The tools are then implemented by participants on current agency /client briefs and tasks.


Most of the day consists of hands on workshop style activities. Participants work individually / in small teams, passing through a succession of modules.

Outline of the training

Into Session

· What is an insight? What is the insight process?

· What is he difference between an insight and a promise, between an insight and a fact or a piece of information?

· How to use an insight for making the brand idea or message more focused, relevant and credible.

1st Tool for uncovering insights: The prism of human emotions and dilemmas

Coffee Break

Workout session: Small team work- applying the tool on a challenging communications brief

· How to identify and map observations, which encapsulate a personal or social dilemma, leading to a meaningful insight.

· How to detect and initiate “Emotional Investment” from consumers in favour of the brand.

Presentation of ideas by teams& feedback on these ideas

2nd Tool for uncovering Insights: Going beyond the product’s attributes and benefits

· How to identify people’s desire for change (personal, collective, cultural) to gain new insights and to articulate new brand perspectives and new opportunities?

· How to find powerful insights beyond the prism of the product itself

· How to use the core brand idea as a prism for new insights

Lunch Break

· Workout session: small team work- applying the tool on real communications challenge

· Identify and initiate new insights at the service of your brand

· Presentation of ideas by teams& feedback on these ideas

3rd Insight tool: changing perspectives, challenging our own assumptions- the power of telling the truth.

Coffee Break

· How to transform marketing and communications challenges into opportunities?

· How to transform a weakness into strength and gain the trust of consumers?

· Workout session: The application of the tool on your brand’s and marketing challenges

· Presentation of ideas by teams& feedback on these ideas

Summary, feedback, and action plan for the long run

What do our clients say about this program?

"The Insight training and tools of Mindscapes is outstanding because it brings a kind of radar to detect very powerful insights in a simple yet very effective way. Before the training, the search for insights was sometimes random and purely intuitive. Now it has become more rigorous and, at the same time, more creative."

David Coral, President& CEO, BBDO&Proximity Group, Spain.

“I'm absolutely loving the class and finding it really practical. The use of tons of current examples, plus the work group exercise where we applied what we learned to a real Google brief is absolutely spot on. The teacher is great to - smart, humble and open minded. Well done! You've guys have put together a great class - can't wait for tomorrow.”

Sofie Hirst, Product Marketing Manager, Google Inc. New York

“I wanted to share with you both that overall the feedback has been hugely positive to the 2 day Insight training - thank you both so much”.

Stephanie Hollywood, L&D business partner, Google UK

“Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop. It really was an eye opening experience and is going to be a huge help moving forward with our work at Momentum. I’ll recommend this program 100% to my colleagues.”

Jennifer Winberg, social media strategist, Momentum WW, New York


42 Cannes Lion awards, including 3 Grand Prix lions, won by Mindscapes Trained Agencies and brands, using our thinking tools.

About the trainer

Yonathan Dominitz

Founder of Mindscapes. A trainer and a leader of creativity enhancement projects in advertising, media, marketing and communications. He is also a senior facilitator of projects for New Product Development, and an experienced trainer in courses for inventive thinking and creative marketing. Yonathan has conducted projects with numerous companies and leading global ad agencies. He is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and advertising festivals, such as Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, Eurobest, Dubai Lynx and more. He has over 20 years of experience working in senior positions in the advertising industry.

Mindscapes Clients (partial list):


· McCann Erickson/Momentum: New York, Tokyo, Bucharest, Belgrade, Prague

· BBDO/Proximity: Chicago, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona

· Leo Burnett: Tokyo, Bucharest, Budapest

· VMLY&R: London, Prague, Tel Aviv

· Grey/G2/Geometry: Berlin, Helsinki, Prague,

· Publicis: Bucharest, Helsinki, Moscow,

· Cheil Worldwide: Moscow, China, Warsaw

· DDB: Helsinki, Moscow, Prague

· AKQA- Italy

· SERVICEPLAN- worlwide


· Google: USA, UK, Germany, Singapore (APAC region)

· Coca Cola: Europe, Israel

· Marks and Spencer: UK

· Mondelez: France

· Samsung, Vietnam

· Baidu, China

· Cineplex: Canada

· Shaw Media: Canada

· Pepsico: Vietnam, Russia

· Paulig, Valio, Fazer: Finland

· Swedbank: Baltics

· Vivacom: Bulgaria

· Telenor: Serbia

· Nestle: Czech Rep., Russia

· Molson: Romania